The PS5 may have a spoiler-blocking feature - here's how it could work

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The PlayStation 5 could have a spoiler-blocking feature that would prevent players from seeing content that reveal parts of games that they haven't seen themselves.

That's according to a USPO patent filed by Sony (via Inverse) in October 2019, which outlines plans for a "cross-platform spoiler block service". 

According to the patent, this spoiler-blocking feature would allow the PS5 to establish where you are in a game based on items found, trophies collected, etc, and then block you from viewing content that you haven't gotten to yet. However, you would be able to turn this feature off if you don't want it.

This spoiler filter will apparently work similar to the PlayStation 4's hidden trophies feature, with developers marking specific objects as 'hidden' via an "appropriate tool", until the player discovers them by themselves. 

According to the patent, this spoiler filter could be applied to "activities, entities, settings, outcomes, actions, effects, locations and character stats".

"The technology disclosed herein can allow players to engage with friends and the community around narrative games with the confidence that they will not accidentally see spoilers (which can include an activity, character, item, outcome of activity, action, effect, location, and attribute of character or item)," the patent states."This approach can result in an increase in the number of single-player and co-op PvE gamers who engage socially around those games, with their friends, and the broader community."

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More engagement

It's unclear whether this spoiler-blocking feature would extend to PlayStation web browsing or will only apply to PlayStation services – but it seems the latter is more likely. 

While Sony hasn't announced that a spoiler-blocking feature is coming to the PS5, it would make sense. Sony seems to be putting an emphasis on community and user-generated content next generation, with a 'Share' button included on the DualSense PS5 controller, and it looks like the company believes that a feature such as this would encourage people to engage in the PlayStation community once again.

Considering the feature is described as "cross-platform", it could also be rolled out to the PS4 or, more likely, will block spoilers for users from both PS4 and PS5.

After all, if The Last of Us 2 spoilers proved anything, it's that spoilers can truly steal away players' gaming experience.

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