The Pokemon Go Plus can now be worn like a ring, but it's still completely useless

We weren't fans of the original Pokémon Go Plus. It's functionality was too limited to be used to play the game properly, and it vibrated too often to be used in the background. 

But now the accessory is getting a new version that can be worn on the finger as a ring. 

The original Pokémon Go Plus was equipped with a button that you press to interact with virtual landmarks and creatures rather than having to hold your phone. 

On your wrist, belt, and now finger

The original Plus came with accessories allowing it to be worn as a bracelet or hooked onto your belt, but its functionality was limited by not being able to tell you much about what you were doing within the game. 

And since the addition of Pokémon tracking, the accessory has lost even more functionality compared to using the app itself. It can't even capture items from gyms yet, which was another feature added recently. 

For now the ring is only available in Japan, where it retails for 400 yen (around $3.50/ £2.70), so you'll need to import it if you want to play Pokémon Go without really knowing what you're doing. 

Check out the video below for a comparison between the functionality of the Plus and the app for the Apple Watch. 

Jon Porter

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