The Medium is already 10% off in Microsoft's latest Xbox game deals

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The Medium is one of the first Xbox Series X exclusive games, with Bloober's psychological horror offering up an early taste of Microsoft's capability with its next-gen platform. That's why its inclusion in this week's Xbox game deals is so surprising. 

You'll find 10% off The Medium at Microsoft's digital storefront in both the US and UK this week, with prices in the US dropping to $44.99 (was $49.99) and UK costs sitting at £37.56 (was £41.74). Those are some stunning discounts on such a new release, but hurry - this offer will expire on February 3. 

We called The Medium "an unnerving psychological horror bolstered by its unsettling characters, tailor-made score and often unpredictable story" in our recent review, praising its ability to terrify without leaning on jump scares and maintain that retro fixed camera look. 

Of course, you'll find plenty of Xbox game deals available this week, and you'll find even more discounts further down the page.

The Medium 10% off at Microsoft


The Medium: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">$49.99 $44.99 at Microsoft
Bloober's psychological horror game has only just landed on the market, but you can already save $5 at Microsoft's digital store this week. Be quick though, because this offer will run out on Wednesday February 3.


The Medium: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">£41.74 £37.56 at Microsoft
UK players can also save some cash on The Medium, with Microsoft shaving 10% off the full price of the latest release on its GB store as well. That's excellent value for an Xbox Series X exclusive so new to the market.

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