The clock is ticking as Amazon UK launches its Last Minute Christmas Deals event

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Just because Black Friday is behind us now, that doesn't mean you've missed the chance to get a great deal on a Christmas gift - or a cheeky treat for yourself. Retailers are going to be pushing out bargains right until the final shipping day just before Christmas.

So it'll be no surprise to see Amazon launch its Last Minute Christmas Deals event today, which will continue through until December 16th. But just because you've got another 10 days remaining, doesn't mean you should wait as the sale includes lots of Deals of the Day, which expire at midnight each day or as long as stocks last. You can check out the full list of deals at Amazon, or you can take a look at our highlights first if you don't fancy wading through all the offers.

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite £119.99 £99.99 at Amazon
This is Amazon's newest Kindle and comes with an updated design that includes a flush backlit screen and a waterproof body for a fraction of the price of the much more expensive Kindle Oasis. In terms of value, this is the best ereader you can buy.

Sphero Mini

Sphero Mini £49.99 £34.99 at Amazon
Sphero has made some cool remote controlled devices in recent years, especially for Star Wars fans and this is a super deal thanks to the discount. You can control the ball via an app on your phone, and we're tempted by the option to control it via facial expressions too. That and we're going to chase the cat with it. Expires at 23:59 December 6th.

Nespresso EN550 coffee machine

Nespresso EN550 coffee machine £279.99 £149 at Amazon
Tired of giving tax-dodging cafes all your money every work day of the week? Then take a look at the £130 saving on this nifty little Nespresso number and make your own to take with you or fire down before you leave the house.

Nintendo Switch mains charger

Nintendo Switch mains charger £16.99 £13.58 at Amazon
While not a massive discount on the item itself, the official chargers are closer to £30! This is a fantastic gift to go alongside a new Nintendo Switch deal this Christmas. Just make sure they open the console first on the day rather than this as you don't want to ruin the surprise!

TP-Link smart bulb

TP-Link smart bulb £24.99 £19.99 at Amazon
If you've got a smart speaker like an Amazon Echo or Google Home Mini, this is a fantastic item to pair it with. You can then control the light with a simple voice command. These TP-link bulbs are considerably cheaper than the Philips smart bulbs too.

Samsonite Aeris suitcase

Samsonite Aeris suitcase £219 £97.55 at Amazon
Just look at that discount! Samsonite is one of the world's leading brands in luggage and this is a fantastic price if you've got some holidays coming up. A word of warning though, if you buy this as a present for someone at Christmas, you better be planning on picking up some plane tickets to go with it!

Dual-port USB charger

Dual-port USB charger £9.99 £7.98 at Amazon
Not the most exciting of presents, but a very handy stocking filler for anyone that finds they want to charge multiple items at once. Handy on holidays for sure. There's a 4-port version too.

USB-C to USB-A cable (5 pack)

USB-C to USB-A cable (5 pack) £31.82 £24.20 at Amazon
If you're a modern MacBook owner or have picked up a new Dell XPS 13, you may be wondering where on earth all your traditional USB slots went. This pack of 5 USB-C cables will allow you to connect all your old devices once again. If you're after even more connectivity options, take a look at our guides for best best USB-C docks and hubs or best USB-C adapters.

Keep your eyes peeled on this article and our deals guides for the latest bargains as and when retailers launch them ahead of Christmas.

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