The Boys powers up its season 4 cast with a Walking Dead star

Billy Butcher and Soldier Boy stare at Homelander standing off screen in The Boys season 3 episode 6
The Boys season 4 adds another Supernatural alum to its ranks. (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Full spoilers follow for The Boys season 3.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has joined the cast for The Boys season 4.

Revealed on Twitter, Morgan has officially signed on in an undisclosed but recurring guest role for the hit Prime Video show's next installment. The Walking Dead star is currently filming a spin-off of the hugely popular zombie series but, according to the star himself, AMC and Amazon Studios came to an agreement – shooting schedule wise – that will allow Morgan to be part of both shows.

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Morgan's casting comes just days after The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke confirmed that principal photography had begun on season 4. Taking to his personal Twitter account, Kripke revealed that the R-rated Prime Video series' next season was in full swing, posting an image of season 4 episode 1's title as proof of confirmation:

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Interestingly, Morgan's casting continues a recent trend that's seen Kripke team up with actors he worked with on another hit TV show, aka Supernatural. The Boys season 3 – check out our spoiler-free review if you missed it – saw Supernatural star Jensen Ackles tackle the role of Soldier Boy in the superhero parody series. Morgan, who played Ackles' father in 13 episodes of Supernatural, is the latest actor from the dark fantasy TV series to team up with Kripke on The Boys.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely that we'll see Morgan and Ackles reunite on screen in The Boys' fourth season. The Boys season 3 finale – read our ending explainer if you need more context – saw Ackles' Soldier Boy put back into cryostasis after the season's climactic showdown between the Boys and the Supes. Unless Soldier Boy is unfrozen in season 4, we won't see Morgan and Ackles fight alongside (or against) each other.

Morgan's casting in The Boys is a two-year journey in the making, too. In January 2020, Morgan and Kripke conversed on Twitter about the possibility of re-teaming on The Boys season 3. Clearly, that dream didn't happen, but now it's one that's come true for the duo.

Regardless, Morgan feels like an ideal fit for The Boys, with the former Grey's Anatomy and The Good Wife star has made a name for himself playing morally gray characters. 

Morgan portrayed the complex, washed up superhero known as The Comedian in 2009 superhero film Watchmen, while his horrifying turn as iconic Walking Dead villain Negan has made him a household name and award-winning actor. Now considered more of an anti-hero in AMC's live-action adaptation of The Walking Dead, Morgan's Negan will co-star in spin-off show The Walking Dead: Dead City alongside Laurie Cohan's Maggie sometime in 2023. No matter whether Morgan is playing a new Supe or a devilish politician in The Boys, you know he'll deliver a fascinating and villainous performance that viewers will lap up.

Morgan's addition to The Boys season 4 cast is the show's third new hire in recent weeks. Valorie Curry (The Tick, Detroit: Become Human) and Susan Heyward (Orange is the New Black) have joined the Supe ranks as Firecracker and Sister Sage respectively. Meanwhile, Cameron Crovetti, who played Homelander's son Ryan in a guest starring role in seasons 2 and 3, has been bumped up to a series regular.

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