That big iPhone 11 leak isn't exactly new, but it's what we expect from Apple

iPhone 11
(Image credit: Future)

A leaked spec list for the upcoming iPhone 11 family has been reported on lots around tech websites and social media, but it seems that the information included isn't from a new source.

That said, it is based on numerous previous reports and it presents our best idea yet at what we can expect from the phones we're currently referring to as the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Reported by a number of sites via a forum post, we've found that the image below actually belongs to Apple Hub - a Twitter account for rumors about the company.

The image's design may make this look like an official spec list, but it matches the way the Twitter account has previously presented leaked information, leading us to believe this is based on previous reports.

You can see the original tweet below, which seems to be based on numerous leaks and rumors that we've seen over the last few months.

Although the image may not come from a brand new source, it does give us a clear and easy to digest picture of the upcoming iPhones.

We're currently expecting Apple to introduce three devices on September 10 this year, although it's unlikely the company will refer to the top two as the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Don't take any of the information above as gospel as it's all based on rumor, but it may be your clearest picture yet of which phone in the iPhone 11 family is the best fit for you.

James Peckham

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