YouView now in 400k homes in the UK

YouView is now in 400k homes in the UK
Rocking the big figures

YouView has announced that it's now in 400,000 homes in the UK, the first time the digital TV service has given a concrete figure.

"YouView figures show on-demand is becoming mainstream viewing," said CEO Richard Halton, with confirmation that there are around 2.2 million streams a week for the service.

TechRadar was also told that YouView's internet channels will definitely be launching this summer, on BT and TalkTalk boxes only, before the football season kicks off.

Android gets a nice view

As for the Google bods out there, YouView said that the Android app for its service, originally believed to be arriving this month, is still on its way and will be arriving very soon.

On February 5 this year, it was estimated that the TV venture had some 230,000 subscribers, adding around 10,000 more a week.

Hugh Langley

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