Toshiba shows off entry-level 100Hz 1080p 42" TV

Toshiba Regza SL
Toshiba Regza SL

Toshiba has announced a budget 42-inch Regza 42SL738 television, offering 1080p and 100Hz in a TV that it describes as 'perfect for the modern living room'.

Toshiba announced the Regza 42SL738 at IFA, describing it as a high-quality, entry-level LED TV.

"The new REGZA 42SL738 blends energy saving LED backlighting with a series of high-quality features, including proprietary Active Vision processing and extensive connectivity, adds Toshiba's release.

"Each model also boasts a new, super slim design, combining a sleek gloss black finish with stylish silver accenting - stylish LED performance at an equally attractive price.


"The perfect TV for the modern living room, the REGZA 42SL738 features a full 1920x1080p HD resolution, allowing viewers to enjoy stunning HD content in maximum detail," states Toshiba.

"Its 107cm (42-inch) screen provides the perfect platform for blockbuster action movies and fast-moving sports content by using Toshiba's advanced Active Vision M100 processing offering a smooth cinematic playback of all on-screen action."

Regza SL

Toshiba also announced smaller Regza SL televisions, with a 19-inch, 26-inch and 32-inch screen designed as a second television.

"Ideal for the kitchen, bedroom or living room, the REGZA SL738 series is designed to provide excellent everyday performance," adds Tosh.

"Each model offers a range of Toshiba features and technologies, combining energy saving LED backlighting with advanced proprietary picture processing for enhanced performance."

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