The new Apple TV could have a Wii-like remote control

Apple TV
Where's our next-generation Apple TV?

For a long time now, we've been expecting an updated version of the Apple TV to show its black, compact face: we did think it might appear at WWDC in June but now most sources point to 9 September as the likely launch date.

Those sources include TechCrunch, which now says the Apple TV remote is getting an upgrade too - it's going to be fitted with motion sensors that mean you can wave it around in your living room to get the device to do your bidding.

The obvious inference is that the Apple TV mark II will be a lot more focused on gaming, with the hardware said to be featuring a new A8 chip freed from the limitations of a smartphone battery.

Box fresh

The next Apple TV is going to be faster, more fluid and easier to navigate around, the report says, and Apple wants to make the device the focus of everything from smart home control to live television broadcasts (think Netflix for live channels).

A separate story from AppleInsider over the weekend suggests pricing is still a sticking point for the TV part of the Apple TV: US companies apparently aren't too impressed with Apple's proposed $40 a month deal for all the live television you can watch.

Still, live TV streaming functionality could always be added to the device at a later date, so it won't necessarily stop the Apple TV 2.0 from launching at the 9 September event - it could be one of the most exciting product announcements in recent Apple history.

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