Sony readying 27-inch OLED this year?

27-inch OLED TV from Sony rumoured this year?

TechRadar loves to poke its nose about a bit when large companies make press announcements, and having got bored of the 11-inch OLED, we decided to see when bigger screens are coming out.

According to an insider, it's believed Sony will be releasing the 27-inch OLED TV to the Asian markets even before the year is out, with a worldwide release in the next year.


This is ahead of the other rumours, which broke earlier this year, stating that the screen will debut by the end of 2009.

The insider also said he believed the next size screen, rumoured to be around 40-inch wide, is not too much further down the line, but couldn't give any exact dates.

However, the next screen is likely to cost well in excess of the current £1,000 price tag on the 11-inch OLED Sony will be bringing to Europe, so it may be a case of all show and no sales for the short term at least.