Sony hasn't forgotten about Google TV, launches new box with voice search

Sony hasn t forgotten about Google TV launches new box with voice search

Sony has issued a new version of its Google TV set-top box, despite the continued waning interest in the internet TV platform.

The new NSZ-GS8 device isn't all that different to last year's NSZ-GS7 offering, only this time it adds a microphone to the unique remote control to enable voice search.

In an official blog post, Sony touts the presence of the Google Chrome browser, easy sharing of content from mobile devices and access to the Google Play Store, although none of those appear to be new features.

Final throw of the dice?

The announcement sees the first time Sony has revealed a new Google TV device for well over a year.

The GS7 and the GP9 Blu-ray player were revealed at CES back in January 2012, but the latter was subsequently cancelled before it hit the shelves.

The new version of Sony's Google TV set-top box will go on sale in July for $199 (around UK£127, AUD$209).

Will the device gain much traction for the much-maligned Google TV platform? Or is it just a token update on Sony's part? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via Engadget