Samsung's 85-inch UHD TV coming this spring, yours for just £35,000

Samsung's 85-inch UHD TV coming this spring, yours for just £35,000
There's future proofing and then there's FUTURE PROOFING

Samsung has revealed it will be launching its gigantic Ultra High Definition S9 television in the UK within the coming months, making it the first set of its kind to be widely available in Blighty.

The 85-inch, 4K display was launched at CES 2013 last month and is almost ready for distribution across the continent, according to Samsung, which has promised a spring release in Europe.

However, as one would expect, any ultra-early adopters are going to have to part with a serious wedge in order to reap the benefits of that extra screen resolution.

The TV will cost €40,000 in the Eurozone, which translates to around £35,000 in proper money, although an official UK price is yet to be confirmed.

Make some space for a 110-incher

Samsung also confirmed on Monday that a 110-inch version of the S9 is on its way later this year as it seeks to lead the way in the UHDTV space.

The company will be up against the likes of Sony, Philips and Toshiba, who all revealed 4K offerings at the Las Vegas tech extravaganza in January.

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The uniquely-shaped television is set in an artist's easel-style frame and will come loaded with Samsung's new Smart Hub connected TV interface, which prioritises online viewing over traditional viewing.

As there's very little (read; none) Ultra High Definition content available to buyers at the moment, the Samsung S9 offers an upscaling engine that brings current HD content up to the new resolution.

The 'easel' frame also contains the S9's sound system, which offers an equivalent audio experience six-times greater than a typical TV, thanks to the three-way 2.2 channels of 120 watt sound.

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