Samsung planning 110-inch UHD TV for CES 2013?

Samsung planning 110-inch UHD TV for CES 2013
Samsung - not doing things by halves

The chestnuts may be roasting on an open fire but Samsung is off in the kitchen, frying bigger fish - like a 110-inch Ultra HD TV, if reports are to be believed.

Apparently set for a CES 2013 reveal, we're already feeling faint at the thought of how much a beast like that could cost.

Given the Ultra HD TVs currently come in at around the £23,000 mark for a measly 84-inch screen, the sky is quite possibly the financial limit.

Also slated for the Vegas show are heaps more OLED TVs from Samsung, according to the source.

Clear a space

But don't go chucking out all your other furniture just yet. The 110-inch word comes by way of MK News (the Korean tech site, not the Mark Knopfler fan site or the Milton Keynes local) which cites an unnamed Samsung official.

The site quotes the spokesperson as saying, "At the next year's CES to be open on January 8 in Las Vegas, the US, Samsung will have its 110-inch UHD TV on display.

"Not to mention ultra-sized screen, our UHD TV will boast the best-ever definition and design that you haven't experienced before." (translated)

Given that CES is the annual tech 'my screen/processor/bezel is bigger/smaller/thinner/more magical than yours' smack-down arena, we wouldn't be surprised to see Samsung, LG and Sony et al whipping out some serious screen-sized TV hardware.

We will be surprised if they go on sale to the public any time soon, though.

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