Panasonic shows off its 85-inch premium X492 4K TV

Panasonic shows off its 85 inch premium X492 4K TV
Viera - not Petit

Panasonic has unveiled its latest high end television, with the 85-inch X492 series boasting 4K resolution and all of the features the Japanese giant can throw at it.

With 4K beginning to edge its way into the public consciousness, the UHD screens are out in force at IFA, and Panasonic is keen to show it has lost none of its quality in the television world.

The Viera 4K UHD model has the requisite 3,840 x 2,160 resolution as well as Panasonic's 200Hz Back Light Scanning and 4K intelligent frame creation tech to make things sharp and smooth.


There's local dimming to keep your blacks deep and your whites sparkling and a quad-core Pro5 processor keeps things humming along.

Add in 4K studio master drive, 3D colour management system and the latest 4K 60p supporting HDMI port and you'll probably be gathering that this is not aimed at the low end of the market.

We don't how large that price tag will be just yet, or when it will go on sale - but watch this space.

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