Panasonic's new skinny, eco-friendly plasma TVs

Panasonic to launch slimmer, more efficient plasma TVs this year

Panasonic Corp is set to launch a new range of slim and eco-friendly plasma TVs in Japan this spring.

Panny's new super-skinny, planet-friendly plasma TVs are a quarter of the thickness and consume half as much electricity as conventional models.

The company has clearly decided that slim and green is the way forward for TVs.

Panasonic wants to boost its combined sales of LCD and plasma sets by 50 per cent to 15.5 million units from April 2009 through to March 2010.

Euro launch later in year

The company will release a 50-inch screen model that is only an inch in depth for 600,000 yen ($6,685) that it claims should suck up around 260 kilowatt hours of electricity a year.

No information on European or North American launches as yet, though we expect to see these launching over here later in 2009, most likely at IFA in August.