Panasonic goes green: cuts CO2 emissions

Panasonic says one of its initiatives will be to build more energy-efficient products

Panasonic today announced its renewed commitment to combating climate change by adding some ambitious ecological goals to its 'GP3' three-year business plan.

Panasonic aims to eliminate 300,000 tons of CO2 emissions during the three years covered by the GP3 plan, lowering the total CO2 level to 3.68 million tons in 2010 from 3.98 million tons in 2007. In 2011, the company intends to bring it down further to around 3.60 million tons.

It joins the likes of Sharp and Sony who are also doing their best to cut CO2 emissions to protect the environment and their image.

Panasonic Eco Ideas Declaration:

1) Eco Ideas for Products: Panasonic will deliver energy-efficient products. The company will accelerate the development and adoption of energy-saving technologies to produce more products that will lead the industry in their energy-efficiency, while eliminating products with poor energy-efficiency.

2) Eco Ideas for Manufacturing: Panasonic will reduce CO2 emissions. Not limited to manufacturing, it will reduce CO2 emissions from all its activities worldwide including product planning, procurement, sales, logistics and recycling by improving productivity.

3) Eco Ideas for Everybody, Everywhere: Panasonic will encourage spreading environmental activities throughout the world. Plus, the company will also take the initiative in promoting ecological movements from local communities to the global community by collecting the wisdom of both its employees and people around the world.

James Rivington

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