Panasonic: Full HD 3D 'is epoch making'

Panasonic - filming and bringing 3D to the home
Panasonic - filming and bringing 3D to the home

Panasonic officially unveiled its plasma 3D TVs in the UK this week, choosing London's historic Air Studios to showcase the technology.

Speaking at the event, Keith Evans, Managing Director of Panasonic UK, explained how much the company was behind 3D in the home.

"In this industry, we get used to innovation. But sometimes new technology comes along which is epoch making – Full HD 3D is it."

Once again, Panasonic re-iterated why the company is best prepared for 3D, with Evans explaining: "We are the only brand that has expertise to be required for every part of the 3D chain.

"In terms of 3D we got the first award for any TV in the world at this year's CES. Not only was it the best 3D product, it was voted best product over all."

Panasonic 3d

This view was backed up by Fabrice Estornel, Plasma Manufacturer for Panasonic:

"We truly believe that 3D is the natural step in the TV evolution.

"Not only is the VT20 series the best 3D TV you can buy in the market, it also the best 2D TV you can buy."

To promote the VT20 series and the company's 3D Blu-ray player, the BDT300, Panasonic has lined up a number of 3D Blu-rays which will only be available to those who have purchased a Panasonic 3D TV. These are: Ice Age 3 (exclusive until March 2011) and Coraline (September 2010).

This is a similar road most of the main 3D manufacturers are taking, with Samsung having exclusive rights to Monsters Vs Aliens and Sony nabbing Cloudy, With a Chance Of Meatballs.

Panasonic recording

To demonstrate its 3D production facility, Panasonic used Air Studios recording space to film singer/songwriter Paul Carrick in 3D live and pipe back the footage to the company's 103-inch 3D Ready plasma.

The demonstration wasn't without its faults. We were told that this was because the 3D cameras were set up on short notice and were not synched 100 per cent with the glasses. This caused some doubling in the images and some unnecessary shadowing. When we saw the same live feed on the plasmas which will be entering the market, this was thankfully significantly reduced.

It is in the live arena that 3D is set to explode. This weekend will see the launch of Sky 3D in pubs, with over 1,000 pubs kitted out with LG televisions.

These will showing the Premiership match between Manchester United and Chelsea in 3D.

Sky's Brian Lenz was also at the Panasonic event, explaining the importance of 3D to the broadcaster and that "it's important that there are TVs in the market compatible with its feed".

He also mentioned that its 3D channel is now live (channel 217), even though it is just showing a logo at the moment.

The channel will broadcast the Premiership clash in 3D to homes some time next week.

3D blu-ray

It seems that the scene is set for 3D to kick-off in the home. Panasonic will be hoping that the UK has the same sort of thirst for 3D as the US does, where it's plasma TVs sold out in their first week on sale.

Bob Johnston, who is a 3D content producer, isn't worried as he is confident that enough time has been spent making sure the technology is going to be a success.

"The trials and tribulations of generating 3D content have been going on for the last three-and-a-half years, now we can finally see it happening.

"And it's happening everywhere. Korea, Japan, Canada, Rio, Bejing, Paris, Mexico City, Germany – [like the UK these] there are now 3D broadcasting strategies in place.

"3D is coming and we are trying to make the content come as fast as possible."

Panasonic's VT20 series has a UK release date of late April (50 inch) and July (65 inch).

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