LG will provide Sky 3D televisions for launch

LG - won't have touching issues when Rooney's on screen
LG - won't have touching issues when Rooney's on screen

LG has announced that it will be the manufacturer supplying the first wave of 3D televisions to take advantage of the earliest Sky 3D broadcasts.

With Manchester United's visit to Arsenal becoming the first public showcase of live 3D sport from Sky, LG has revealed that it will be kitting out the nine lucky pubs to get the game on Sunday.

"This Sunday, LG and Sky will be the first to bring 3D TV to consumers by broadcasting the Arsenal vs Manchester United match at select pubs across the UK and Ireland," said LG

LD920 series

The televisions used will be the 47 inch LD920 – which will be available to consumers in April, and are – as you might expect – fully compatible with Sky's 3D technology.

"LG is committed to making high quality TV more accessible and this initiative with Sky does just that," said Stephen Gater, Head of Marketing, Home Entertainment LG UK.

"2010 will see the realisation of many exciting technologies in TVs - 3D is just one of them.

"With exciting developments like these, watching television in the home will soon be an even more exciting, immersive and powerful experience."

We're yet to find out how many pairs of passive 3D glasses will be supplied, or just how the pubs are going to explain to the gnarled old regulars that the television is showing fancy new tech and that they don't need to pay an immediate visit to their optician because the Arsenal game is a bit fuzzy.

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