LG's 55-inch OLED TV behemoth headlines

LG unveils 55-inch OLED TV behemoth
Nice, but where's the bezel?

LG's 2012 TV line up is out of the CES 2012 gates, and it's looking pretty tasty with diminishing bezels and growing screens and ever-better image quality all round.

The top of the 2012 TV tree is the LG EM9600, a 55-inch OLED TV that LG is claiming as the world's largest.

TechRadar has some footage of the 55 inch LG OLED television in action, check out the next generation of televisions below:

It's a mind-blowing 4mm thin, comes with "unrivalled" 3D picture quality and comes in the LG Cinema Screen design that we told you about earlier (meaning bye-bye bezel).

We should see the LG EM9600 UK release date land in the second half of this year. We'd tell you to start saving up but, to be honest, we don't think six months' of saving is going to do it.

Get thee to the bank

Size is everything to LG this year, it seems, as it's also busted out what it's calling the world's largest Ultra Definition 3D TV – it's a ridiculous 84-incher with 3D and Smart TV connectivity, known as the LG LM960V.

That Ultra definition promises picture quality of 8 million pixels – that's four times the resolution of existing full HD TVs (3840x2160). Yikes.

You can also tinker about with the 3D depth as you watch and play on the set, while 3D Sound Zooming takes care of the tri-dimensional audio layout – the UD TV is heading to market in the second half of 2012 as well.

And the rest...

The rest of the range – you know, the TVs you might actually be able to afford to buy – seem to pale in comparison to all that world's ultra largest excitement.

The LG LM660T, LM669T and LM670T all fall into LG's Cinema Screen range, which means they'll rock the 1mm bezel and come with Cinema 3D (4 pairs of 3D glasses and 2 pairs of Dual Play glasses will be included). The LM660T comes in a 32-inch edition, while all three will be available in 42-inch, 47-inch and 55-inch flavours.

The LG LM760T is equally catchily-named, and will come in 42-, 47- and 55-inch editions, what with its LED display, Cinema 3D glasses, stupidly thin bezel and magic remote.

Not had enough product names thrown at you yet? Good news, there's more LED goodness in the form of the LM860V with 3D capability, Wi-Fi, magic remote and a dual-core processor to power Smart TV premium.

And that's your lot – now check out our first look at the LG EM960V OLED TV stat.

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