Panasonic announces super-thin LED LCD TV range

Panasonic's V20 series heads up its LCD TV range

Panasonic has taken the veils off its latest LCD range of televisions, adding LED technology and a whole host of other imaging features to the range.

Choosing LCD for its smaller-sized TVs, there's some crossover with the company's newly-announced plasma range.

3D is definitely not the order of the day when it comes to LCDs for Panasonic, however, with the company keeping its 3D technology solely for the plasma market.

LED inside

Starting off with the V20 series, LCD tech is used for 42-inch and 37-inch sizes. Both models have 200 Backlight blinking Intelligent Frame Creation Pro, a dynamic contrast of 2,000,000:1 with Intelligent Scene Controller, and an advanced IPS panel that is meant to give out better quality at a wide viewing angle.

Viera Cast is also on board, as is some design flourishes, including a titanium colour, slim cabinet and metallic concept design.

The D28 series is LCD-only and offers up the following sizes: 37-inch, 32-inch, 22-inch and 19-inch. Only the 37- and 32-inch are Full HD, house 2,000,000:1 dynamic contras and have Viera Cast connectivity, but all of the panels are IPS LED LCDs.

The smaller sizes have been given a special dock that makes it easy to connect an iPod or iPhone.

These panels are some of the slimmest Panasonic has released, at just 1.5-inch.

Hot on the heels of the D28 series is the D25, which comes in 42-inch, 37-inch and 32-inch flavours.

Each TV has 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio with Intelligent Scene Controller, Viera Cast and a super-slim 1.5-inch cabinet. The D25 series also sports IPS LED LCD technology.


The G20 and S20 share the same name as their plasma brethren, but the LCD versions have smaller 37-inch and 32-inch screen sizes.

The G20 series feature 200 Backlight blinking Intelligent Frame Creation Pro, a dynamic contrast of 100,000:1a and both Viera Cast and Viera Link.

The S20 houses 100Hz Intelligent Frame Creation Pro, also has a 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio with Intelligent Scene Controller. It doesn't, however, have Viera Cast.

Both ranges do sport a IPS Alpha Panel which allows for better viewing angles, though neither have LED capabilities.

The C20 LCD TV Series is the most basic of the bunch. Available in 32-inch, 26-inch and 19-inch models, with dynamic contrast of 40,000:1, Viera Image Viewer for motion picture playback, and Viera Link.

Finally, we have the X20 series, which comes in 32-inch, 26-inch and 22-inch models. Again there is no LED here but you have IPS Alpha technology to help with viewing angles, a dynamic contrast of 50,000:1, Viera Image Viewer for motion picture playback, and Viera Link.

There's no official word on the UK release date for Panasonic's latest LCD TV range but we expect the panels to be in the shops come May. Price is also to be announced.