Sony shines light on best Bravia projector

The Sony Bravia VPL-VW200 is just the ticket for anyone looking for a high quality HD projector

Sony has announced the new Bravia VPL-VW200, which is set to become Sony's flagship Sony Home Theatre Projector. It combines the best features from three of Sony's existing projectors (the VPL-VW60, VPL-VW100 and the QUALIA 004) together with the latest Bravia high-end LCD televisions. The result apparently "sets a new standard of excellence for the digital home theatre".

Best projector ever?

The VPL-VW200 uses the very latest high frame rate Sony SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) panel technology to deliver 1080p HD resolution with "crystalline clarity". A professional-grade Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens ensures that what the triple SXRD panel array creates is projected onto the screen with absolute fidelity.

What's more, Motionflow Dark Frame Insertion, a technology exclusive to Sony, doubles the frame rate to 100Hz. The result is fluid, natural movement with no blur. Fully digital signal processing by the Bravia Engine Pro removes noise, improves colour reproduction and enhances contrast. The combined effect of these innovations, says Sony, is a new level of picture excellence which will redefine the Home Theatre experience.

"This is a superb quality projector with everything the real Home Theatre enthusiast is looking for," says Gemma Butler, product manager, projectors, Sony United Kingdom Limited. "We have listened to our customers and our dealers and used all our experience from previous, highly successful products to create something really special."

The Bravia VPL-VW200 SXRD will be available early November 2007.

James Rivington

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