HD TVs taking over - not just the living room

HD TVs, such as this Samsung F71, are not just placed in the living room anymore, US research shows

Two in every five high definition (HD) TVs in the US are placed in rooms other than the living room, new research has found.

Research company The Diffusion Group discovered that HD TV sets are finding their way into all types of rooms in US homes. Particularly among households on broadband, 40 per cent of HD TVs is now placed in other rooms than the living room.

"HD TVs can now be found in more than one-third of US broadband households," said Michael Greeson, principal analyst with The Diffusion Group.

"Given recent price declines and expanded awareness of the benefits of HD, we're seeing more mainstream consumers purchase their first HDTV and more advanced households buy a second and, in some rare cases, even a third HDTV," Greeson added.

The research showed that almost 40 million HD TVs can now be found in US broadband households, nearly two thirds of which (61 per cent) are located in the main living/family room.

Some 2,000 US households with broadband connections were asked about their ownership and usage of TVs, HD TVs, DVRs/PVRs, DVD players, home stereos, desktop and notebook PCs, game consoles, and speaker systems during December 2006.