10 best flatscreen and LCD TVs


Samsung LE46A786 LCD TV for £1,300

Samsung's aggressive pricing is matched by the resilience of its R&D departments to enforce premium quality, and the upshot is some of the best flatpanel TVs on the market for some of the best prices.

The Samsung LE46A786, from the company's Series 7 range of LCDs, is one such telly.

At just over £1,300 for a 46in TV, it already represents an attractive proposition, but considering that you get an Ultra Clear Panel 100Hz screen with LED backlighting for your wodge, it's a steal.

And it looks great too, especially as it's the first Sammy TV with a 'Crystal Design' surround that isn't spattered with red. This one has a blue tint haloing the fascia, and we prefer this colour

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