10 best flatscreen and LCD TVs

Sony KDL-37V4000 37-inch LCD TV for £480

Recently you'll find Sony showboating one of the most xtravagantly innovative – and expensive – TVs we've ever seen, the 40ZX1. Yet it's the startlingly basic Sony KDL-37V4000 that we suspect more of you will actually end up owning.

Colours are vibrant, naturally toned and generally subtle when it comes to blends and tonal shifts. Even skin tones look credible and that's definitely rare to find at the 37V4000's price point.

The image's surprisingly high sharpness level happily holds true when there's a lot of motion in the picture, too. For even though there's no 100Hz processing, the screen's innate response time is fast enough to portray moving objects with far less blurring and resolution loss than is common in the affordable 37in world.

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