10 best flatscreen and LCD TVs

Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090 plasma TV for £2,199

There are few things in life that really, honestly wow you; things that inspire a true sense of awe. The birth of your child. The light cascading down Ayr's Rock as the sun sets. A sober appearance from Amy Winehouse.

Quite simply, the range-topping PDP-LX6090 is the best TV in the world bar none. The 60incher's smaller sibling, the LX5090, runs it a close second and is, in itself, a standard-setting TV. But size, in this case, is everything.Such is the power of Kuro.

For those unfamiliar with Pioneer's flat panel branding, 'Kuro' (the Japanese word for black) has been adopted because the set's black performance is key to why this latest iteration of its TV technology is so astoundingly good.

The black level response on both the LX6090 and the LX5090 is so intense that while the screen is on but not displaying an image, you can't see a thing in a darkened room. Nothing. Nada.

It's coal miner time. 'Oh yeah, we've seen it before,' 8th-gen Kuro owners might cry. But not like this. Not this deep. Not this scary.

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