Google prepping search for TV?

Google heading to TV?
Google heading to TV?

Google is testing its search algorithms for television, it has been revealed, with the trial of a new service in association with the Dish Network

The trial uses a Google search engine inside a set-top box, which helps users to find show on the web.

According to the WSJ, testing has taken place since last year and has been limited to people within Google.

Although unknown in the UK, the Dish Network has 14 million subscribers in the US. It hasn't commented on the trials and neither has Google but set-top box search would certainly be a viable option for Google – considering a similar technology has been employed in new TiVo boxes in the US.

Internet on the big screen

Web-enabled set-top boxes and TVs are becoming more and more present in homes and it with Project Canvas in the UK set to bring IPTV to the masses, some sort of organised search for programmes via a set-top box, which broaches satellite, terrestrial and internet would be more than welcomed.

You only have to look at the primitive search options of Sky's HD boxes to know that this is one are that could be greatly enhanced.

Couple this with Google's close ties with YouTube – which already houses a number of TV shows – and the potential for decent programme search is definitely there.


Marc Chacksfield

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