Free Boxee TV getting sent to 'select' early adopters

Boxee TV will come out in November
Boxee TV will come out in November

At $99, the forthcoming Boxee TV seems like a good deal.

It will allow users to receive over-the-air HD channels like NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox for free, DVR shows and use apps like Netflix, Slingplayer and Pandora, all in one box.

But an even better deal would be to skip paying the $99 entirely. That's the promotion that a few early adopters are receiving after signing up for more pre-order information on Boxee's website.

"We randomly selected people and emailed them today," a Boxee representative told TechRadar Friday.

"As a thank you for being an early supporter of Boxee TV, we want to send them one for free and it included a quick form for them to fill out."

Many will enter, few will win

Not everyone who enters their email address for the November-bound Boxee TV will receive a free device.

"Only people who receive an email and complete the form will be sent a free device," cautioned the Boxee representative.

She also put the kibosh on simply forwarding the envious email.

"People who did not receive an email but got access to the form will not be sent a device."

The company isn't commenting on how many devices it'll give away and says that people shouldn't expect a free one just by signing up.

But even the remote possibility of paying nothing to receive live TV channels from major networks and test out a first-of-its-kind No Limits DVR is worth that slim chance.

And for Boxee, it provides some great publicity.

Via The Verge

Matt Swider