EE TV update will add great new features for mobile users


Since EE TV launched last year the company says it has seen a satisfying number of people coming to the service. Interestingly it has seen people upgrade from Freeview, but also people coming from Sky's premium TV service.

The new update includes some great new options for making the most of EE TV from your phone or tablet. Firstly, the company has built-in more personalisation. You can now have profiles, which it calls "My TV" that allow users to have their own set of favourites and recordings.

This is actually a terrific idea for those in homes with lots of people as it also allows you to protect your own recordings.

When you save a show, if someone else wants to delete it they will be asked for a PIN first. That means no more "making some space" at the cost of those episodes of Hollyoaks that you haven't got around to watching yet.

EE TV is also getting more social.

Because the company understands that people like to tweet about shows, and that we're all using tablets and phones while we watch it has included the ability to share your current viewing on social media.

So if you're watching the only show anyone talks about - The Great British Bake Off - you can share that with anyone you like via Twitter or Facebook, with some of the info auto-populated to save you typing out show names.

Flick is another new feature. On your phone or tablet you can browse your own photo and video galleries, it's then possible to "flick" the content from your mobile onto your TV. It's super-easy, and means you can all sit down and enjoy endless cat photos or videos of your kids - parents will understand the appeal of this.

Fetch allows you to take a programme from the TV and move it to a mobile device. Useful again for those in houses where the TV is always in demand, it's a way of freeing up the main screen for someone else while carrying on watching.

The show will resume from the point at which you saw it on TV too, so there's no need to mess about looking for your place.

The update will also bring some usability tweaks to the box too, including the ability to delete a series of shows. EE says that these little updates are the result of customer feedback.

In general though, it's pretty impressive to see how the company has continued to work on this device even in spite of the impending BT takeover. How EE TV will be affected by this remains to be seen, but we have a lot of love for this little box.

Giving people new ways to pay for premium content

EE has also bolstered on-demand content with curated movies from Mubi, which has 30 hand-picked movies each month for £4.99. The idea here is that it's a broad selection of movies from across the world, but always selected by a human for being worth viewing. This goes along well with the more populist Now TV movie packages.

And indeed, one of the reasons for EE TV's success seems to be the addition of NOW TV, which the company says has been incredibly popular with its customers, and continues to be a considerable success story for Sky too. Understandable perhaps, as NOW TV is a month-by-month model, and customers get more control over what they get - it was added to EE TV in March of this year.

The update for EE TV customers will arrive next week automatically. We'll be testing them as soon as possible, so expect to see that reflected in our EE TV review.