David Attenborough working on 3D Penguin documentary

Sir David Attenborough is working on a 3D documentary about Penguins
Sir David Attenborough is working on a 3D documentary about Penguins

David Attenborough revealed this week that his next 3D documentary project is set to be a 3D show about penguins.

Attenborough was speaking at a London press launch event this week, at which – in his role as the UK's new unofficial 3D TV elder statesman and spokesperson – he was showing Flying Monsters 3D, the latest documentary from Sky that is set to be screened over the Christmas holidays for those lucky enough to already have a 3D TV with Sky 3D.

3D Penguins on the way

3D tech is clearly something that Attenborough wants to keep working with on wildlife photography and documentary-making, telling us:

"We are working on a 3D show about penguins. They are good for 3D shooting as they don't do too much, just sit there. "But we will be shooting underwater, which will look mind blowing.

"Penguins may have been done before, but there's a whole new generation watching these documentaries who have never seen the stuff we have filmed before."

It is billed as "romance, in-fighting and high drama on the spectacular island of South Georgia" near the Falklands and being made by the same team behind Flying Monsters 3D. It will premiere on Sky 3D before being released worldwide in cinemas.

A spokesman added: "It will offer intimate access to the lives of the King Penguins as they lead their families through the trials and tribulations of life on the edge of Antarctica."

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Flying Monsters 3D makes its debut on Sky 3D on Christmas Day. For more details, go to www.sky.com/3d.

Adam Hartley