All aboard the Aereo train as it heads to Miami, Houston and Dallas

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Aereo still carries CBS shows - unlike Time Warner Cable

TV-over-internet streaming company Aereo announced today plans to expand once again, this time to Miami, Houston and Dallas throughout September.

Retirees in Miami gain access to Aereo's services Sept. 2, astronauts in Houston get it Sept. 26, and the cowboys over in Dallas get Aereo on Sept. 23.

Aereo gives subscribers access to free broadcast TV programming on computers, mobiles and set-top boxes, including iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and Roku. The shows are recorded on Aereo's "cloud-based DVR" and sent to users.

The New York-based company charges $8 a month for 20 hours of remote DVR space or $12 for 60 hours and the ability to record two shows at once. The first month is free to new sign-ups.

Road trip

Aereo will also expand into Utah on Aug. 19 and Chicago on Sept. 13.

Aereo announced the dates for its newest three expansions today in three separate press releases.

In Miami, Aereo's services will be available in Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties.

Then, after Chicago, Aereo will cover the Greater Houston area with growth into 20 Texas counties, followed by the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex region, which includes another 31 counties in North Texas.

Aereo vs the world

Aereo's expansion has not been without opposition.

Fox previously threatened drastic measures - including switching all its content to cable-only - if Aereo's activities continue to go unchecked, which they have.

A coalition of TV and broadcast companies and content providers even took their beef with Aereo to court, though Aereo prevailed every time.

CBS has been particularly unrelenting in its battle against the company, which at this point seems ironic - now that CBS has pulled all its content from Time Warner Cable, Aereo's service will be the only way for some viewers to watch CBS shows.

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