Stopped using Netflix? Your subscription could now be canceled automatically

(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix has revealed a new feature that'll automatically cancel your subscription if you haven't been using the streaming service for a while. It'll only kick in if you're actively subscribed and haven't streamed anything for a whole year – so you'd probably have to be rolling in cash not to notice. It's been introduced because Netflix doesn't want these types of viewers to pay for something they're not using.

According to Netflix, a few hundred thousand people fit this criteria, which accounts for under half a percent of its overall userbase. After a year without using Netflix, users will start getting emails or app notifications asking if they want to keep subscribing to the service. If they don't respond, the subscription will be canceled.

It's not truly over at this point, though, explains Eddy Wu of Netflix's product innovation team in a blog post. These lapsed subscribers can reactivate their accounts within 10 months after, which will still featured all the users' profiles and viewing preferences. 

Wow, imagine missing out on The Witcher. How can that be called living?

It probably won't happen to you

As the stats indicate, the chances of you being subscribed to Netflix and failing to watch anything for a year is very unlikely. Still, this is a useful feature if you ever do decide to stop streaming TV shows and pick up another hobby you've left behind for several years.

Even then, though, how could you truly go without watching another season of Nailed It!?

Samuel Roberts

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