Still waiting for Android Wear 2? This bug is to blame

Still looking at the time on your Android Wear smartwatch with hopes of seeing an update to Android Wear 2 pop up? You’re not alone.

After many weeks of delays, Google has opened up about a bug that caused the pomp-filled launch to turn into more of an early April Fools’ joke for many eager smartwatch owners.

According to a statement from Google, there was a bug found during the final round of testing for the update set to release to the list of supported devices. And while the details regarding what sort of problems said bug would have caused, it was clearly bad enough to halt plans. 

Now is not the time

Although the update is still in the midst of a delay for most of the compatible watches, Android Wear 2 has begun its roll-out to the Fossil Q Founder, Casio Smart Outdoor Watch and the Tag Heuer Connected.

Trying to connect the dots between these devices unaffected by the bug doesn’t spell out anything obvious. However, it is interesting that two of the devices, one from Fossil and another from Tag Heuer, feature Intel-based chipsets and not the more predominant Snapdragon 400 or Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipsets.

Delaying the release of Android Wear 2 anymore than it already has been is disappointing, but it’s certainly better than the outcry that Google would have caused if the bug would have seriously compromised these devices.

We really don’t even want to imagine that the delay could last this long, but here’s to hoping that the new software releases before Google IO 2017

Cameron Faulkner

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