SteamVR comes to Windows Mixed Reality devices on November 15

We first heard that users of Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality headsets would eventually be able to play SteamVR games back in August, and now, as Rolling Stone reports, that day is almost here.

The feature goes live on November 15, and it will make Microsoft's own entry into the crowded (and still largely unpopular) virtual reality arena more appealing by letting its users play standout VR titles like EVE: Valkyrie.

The newish Windows Mixed Reality headsets like the Samsung HMD Odyssey have been a fairly unappetizing option until now largely because of their scarcity of content. As of right now, there are only a few dozen apps available for Windows Mixed Reality on the Windows Store.

Split reality

The appeal of Microsoft's program lies in the way it embraces both virtual reality and augmented reality, although virtual reality remains the focus of most apps made by the platform by far. 

Thanks to the emergence of technology such as Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore, much of augmented reality development in particular is shifting to mobile devices rather than clunky headsets.

Keep in mind that the project essentially remains a beta, which means that you'll still find a few bugs lurking while Microsoft and other developers iron out the kinks. If you have a compatible headset, you'll also need to have Windows 10 installed to access the SteamVR library.

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