Steam’s autumn sale kicks off with some unmissable bargains

As Black Friday looms large, are you fed up with hearing about sales, discounts and offers by now? Of course not – who gets sick of saving money? And if you’re a gamer, there are plenty of excellent deals to be had on Steam as the autumn sale kicks off.

There will be a ton of discounts applied to thousands of titles on Valve’s service, with the sale running through until November 29, which is next Tuesday. So keep your eyes peeled, with new featured titles set to be highlighted every day on Steam – there’s no rush to buy, mind, as flash sales aren’t part of the menu.

Okay, so what are the best bargains to be had right now? For starters, if you missed Doom, you can nab the reboot with a massive two-thirds discount meaning it now costs just £13.19 (around $16).

Fallout 4 has also been slashed by the same amount to £13.19 (around $16), with the game’s season pass also witnessing a 40% reduction to £23.99 (around $30), although it has copped plenty of flak regarding the quality of the DLC.

Just Cause for celebration 

You can also get Grand Theft Auto V with a 50% reduction to £19.99 (around $25), and both Deus Ex: Mankind Divided along with Far Cry Primal have also been cut in half to £19.99 (around $25). Far Cry 4 is now £12.49 (around $16), and Just Cause 3 has been slashed by 75% so it now costs £9.99 (around $12.50).

Cities Skylines is another one to have benefited from a big 75% cut, with the game now retailing at a very tempting £5.74 (around $7).

Oh, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Game of the Year Edition) is now £20.99 (around $26) having had a 40% discount applied.

There are a ton more bargains, naturally enough, and you can pop on over to the Steam store to browse through more of them.

Also note that Valve has announced that it’s holding the ‘Steam Awards’ for the first time ever this year, with gamers able to nominate their favorite titles in some very novel categories.

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