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Spotify is giving a free Google Home Mini to Premium Family members

If you’ve been thinking of signing up for a Premium Family Plan with Spotify but haven’t quite made the jump yet, this could give you the final push you needed - Spotify is giving away a free Google Home Mini to everyone who signs up via a special link. 

A Spotify Family Plan costs $14.99 per month, and gets you Premium account for up to six family members, which means you can all listen to music without ads, skip tracks, and download music to your device. 

It looks like the offer is extended to Family account holders new and existing, with the offer running from November 1 until December 31 - so you better sign up soon if you want in. 


It seems like a friendly move on the part of Spotify, but the likelihood is that this is a way for the streaming platform to take on its competitors who have benefitted from the rise of smart speakers - Amazon Music in particular has seen remarkable growth as a result of its integration with the Amazon Echo

If you have kids, something that could make this offer even more appealing is the fact that the Google Home Mini can now add sound effects to your child’s bedtime story, with the new Read Along with Disney feature. 

Via The Verge