New Sonos speaker leak could point to new focus on wireless home cinema

Home cinema surround sound without the wires – it was long the dream, but thanks to connected speaker company's like Sonos and increasingly-wireless friendly amp and speaker manufacturers, that dream is becoming a reality.

Sonos looks set to expand its offering in the new future, if an FCC filing is any indication of its future plans.

According to Variety, a device called the "S18" is in testing at Sonos, referred to as a "wireless smart speaker (right)", and is being paired with the existing Sonos Playbar. It suggests that it's being thought of as an addition to a wireless home cinema set up as much as it is likely a multi-room speaker.

Something extra?

FCC filings reveal little about upcoming products usually, and that's the case here too. While one would expect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to be available, opening up the possibility of smart voice control as with the Sonos One, there's nothing confirmed here yet, and the same goes for release info and pricing.

It's worth pointing out that Sonos already offers wireless surround sound in 5.1 configurations using Sonos One, Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5 speakers as satellites, with the Sonos Sub delivering bass levels.

So what could the S18 bring to the table? We'd hope for at least one of three things – support for 7.1 mixes, Dolby Atmos support or a competitive price point to make a Sonos surround system viable for more than just the super rich.

Gerald Lynch

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