Some iPad Pro models just got more expensive

There was lots of big news from Apple yesterday, headed by the announcement of the iPhone X, but one thing the company didn’t draw much attention to is the fact that some iPad Pro models have just gone up in price.

The 256GB iPad Pro 10.5 has gone up from $749 (£709, AU$1,129) to $799 (£769, AU$1,199) and the 512GB iPad Pro 10.5 has risen from $949 (£889, AU$1,429) to $999 (£969, AU$1,499).

Similarly, the 256GB iPad Pro 12.9 (2017) has been hiked from $899 (£859, AU$1,349) to $949 (£919, AU$1,419), and the 512GB 12.9-inch model has gone from $1,099 (£1,039, AU$1,649) to $1,149 (£1,119, AU$1,719).

For now however the 64GB models have remained the same, and some stores don’t seem to have updated their prices yet, so if you act fast you may still be able to get a larger storage capacity at the old price.

Rising memory costs

While Apple has given no explanation for the price rises, sources speaking to 9to5Mac report that it’s down to a dramatic increase in the cost of NAND flash storage.

That increase may have partly been caused by Apple itself though, as the company has apparently caused NAND supply shortages through sourcing large quantities of it for the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Whether other Apple devices will rise in price as a result of this, and whether prices will drop again if and when the price of NAND drops, we don’t know, but for now a product that could never have been accused of being cheap is just that bit harsher on the wallet.

James Rogerson

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