Are you ready for Windows Vista?


Are you - and more importantly, your PC - ready for Windows Vista ? With only six days to go, you really should be making sure your computer will be able to handle Microsoft's latest operating system.

To help those who still haven't got around to checking their computer's specifications (or don't know how), Microsoft has released a tool to help users who want to upgrade to Windows Vista following its launch.

The Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor scans through a standalone machine and will spot any incompatibilities that may hinder an upgrade to Windows Vista. The tool has been around as a beta version for a while now, but Microsoft has now launched it as a proper version 1.0.

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor also checks any programs and applications that aren't compatible with Windows Vista, and any hardware that lack drivers. It will also advise whether you need to upgrade to more RAM memory, a new processor, or a more powerful graphics card.

In tomorrow's instalment of's Windows Vista countdown , we will be taking a look at what software is compatible with the new operating software.