Microsoft to add a touch of dialect to Office

The regional dialect dictionaries will work with Microsoft Office products

Microsoft 's project to create downloadable regional directories to reflect the UK's dialect heritage is nearing completion.

Thousands of users around the UK have so far submitted their favourite regional dialect words to Microsoft. These words will be organised into local dialect dictionaries which will work with Microsoft Office .

There are hundreds of regional dialects and unique area-specific words around the UK. "It's the diversity of Britain's dialects that has led us to develop the new dictionaries. So in future, your Microsoft Outlook will be able to recognise e-mails where you ask your 'marra' to get you a 'buttie' instead of inserting red lines beneath all the unfamiliar words," said Microsoft Office 2007 product manager Darren Strange.

"We wanted to give everyone the chance to adapt and personalise their software, and at the same time recognise the diversity of dialects we use here in the UK that makes us completely different to any other country in the world," Strange added.

A similar project was held by Microsoft Australia last year and proved a 'great success'. Microsoft UK is working with The British Library on the project.

If you want to contribute your favourite regional words, then email in the next few days. The deadline is June 17 - extended from the original end-of-May cut-off date.

The local dialect dictionaries will be available as free downloads next month.