Google's one-handed keyboard just solved your big Android phone problem

Android Keyboard one-handed

Google's Android keyboard app is getting a massive update today. In addition to a one-handed typing mode, the Google Keyboard app will allow users to set the height of their keyboard and features a ton of tweaks to its interface.

The biggest new feature of the update is the addition of a one-handed mode. Users can activate it with a long-press on the comma key, which brings up buttons for settings and one-handed mode. You can move the keyboard to left or right, depending on which hand you want to use. There's also a toggle to go back to full screen.

Android Marshmallow

Source: Android Police

Microsoft offers its own one-handed typing mode with its Word Flow keyboard, which is available now for the iPhone and may come to Android in the future.

Gesture typing is also improved, putting dynamic suggestions at the top of the keyboard instead of floating around with your thumb. This makes it easier to see and accept suggestions. There's also a new gesture that lets you delete entire words with a left-swipe from the delete key. SwiftKey has a similar feature but requires turning off gesture typing in order for it to work. Google's solution allows both gesture typing and word deletion.

Other minor updates include the ability to show key boarders as a visual aid to help users hone in on the key they want to hit. The old Holo keyboard themes are gone, so you can only choose between a light and dark Material (flat) theme.

The Google Keyboard update is rolling out in stages at the moment, so you may not see the update on your phone yet. Soon you'll be juggling your phone and latte like a boss.

Source: Android Police

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