Microsoft's iPhone keyboard may solve one-handed typing

Microsoft iPhone keyboard word flow news
Microsoft iPhone keyboard word flow news

Believe it or not, Microsoft may be developing the best solution for one-handed typing on an iPhone, which is a big problem for 5.5-inch iPhone 6S Plus users not used to phablet dimensions.

Word Flow, which is also the name of Microsoft's Windows Phone 10 keyboard, has a new twist in that it can fan out the keys in either corner, making it easier to type with one hand, reports The Verge.

Photos of Word Flow for iOS show two fan keys in predictive suggestions bar, which should act as a way to switch from the normal keyboard layout to the left or right fan orientation.

Microsoft iPhone Keyboard Word Flow

Microsoft iPhone Keyboard Word Flow (Credit: The Verge)

What's interesting is that Microsoft is testing out Word Flow with this special one-handed fan mode before it takes the feature to its own, newly launched mobile operating system and the Lumia 950.

There's still time for that time happen. Microsoft is said to be bringing Word Flow to iOS "in the coming months" and Android sometime later this year.

We put a call out to Microsoft for more information about the company's new iPhone keyboard and will update this news story as soon as we hear back.

Matt Swider