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Gmail brings the blocks to Android


Is there anything in this world as frustrating as copious emails with no easy way to unsubscribe? Well, yes, there are plenty, but that hasn't stopped Google from updating its Gmail app for Android to bring easy Block and Unsubscribe functionality to the app.

This isn't the first attempt at offering easy unsubscribe functionality from Gmail, but given the rise and rise of smartphones, this version is much more useful.

The app update also allows users to block "disruptive" people – so long as they stick with the same email address.

Have yourself a Block Party

To block or unsubscribe yourself from unwanted emails, you simply have to press the three dots menu button next to the email in question while using the latest version of the Gmail app on Android.

From there, you will be given the option to Block or Unsubscribe, alongside traditional options of Moving and Marking as Important

By making these changes, Gmail will automatically start pushing content to the Spam folder. If you change your mind down the track, you can undo the changes later.