Get 30 Amazon apps for free for 48 hours

Sonic on Amazon app store
Get Sonic for free!

About AU$165 worth of apps are currently free right now at the Australian Amazon app store - but hurry, it's only a two-day promotion.

Available on most Amazon and Android devices, you can get your hands on 30 apps, though you'll need to have the app store installed.

Amazon added local pricing for the Aussie Amazon app store late last year, and has had "free app for the day" promotions since then.

This time, 30 apps have been available for free since a minute past midnight in the wee hours of the morning of Friday, 27 June, and will go back to normal prices at midnight Saturday, 28 June.

Some of the free apps include, Plex ($5.52), Sonic The Hedgehog 2 ($3.34), AccuWeather Platinum ($3.24), OfficeSuite Professional 7 ($16.23), Notepad+ ($1.99), League of Heroes Premium ($3.24), Lab PRO ($3.24) and The Room Two for Kindle tablets ($2.99).