Sky TV bags extended HBO deal, retaining Watchmen, Game of Thrones and more

(Image credit: HBO)

Sky TV, a premium pay-TV operator in the UK, has put the finishing touches to a new deal with WarnerMedia which will see it not only secure the broadcast rights to its shows, but will also open up opportunities for co-productions between the two companies.

WarnerMedia is the parent company of HBO, Turner and Warner Bros, which has brought the likes of Game of Thrones, True Detective and the brand new Watchmen series to our screens.

The new deal will allow Sky to broadcast the shows (as well as the Turner TV channels) for "many years to come," according to a press statement sent out today.

Kids shows, movies and co-productions

Beyond premium shows for adults, the deal will also include "richer on-demand content under the Cartoon Network and Boomerang brands," for kids, as well as cementing Sky TV as the first-run home for Warner Bros.' latest big screen flicks once they've left cinemas.

In addition, Sky will work with WarnerMedia to develop new co-produced TV shows, following the mega-successful work between HBO and Sky on the brutal Chernobyl drama.

Shows secured by the deal will be available on the Sky Atlantic channel, which can be accessed as part of packages that start at £38 a month on 18 month contracts, or via the pay-as-you-view Now TV service and Virgin Media.

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