Sky channels HBO content into Sky Atlantic

Sky Atlantic coming soon
Sky Atlantic coming soon

Sky has announced it is adding a new channel to its extensive line-up – Sky Atlantic.

The channel has been borne out of a deal with HBO, which means that the channel is choc-full of premium content from the States.

It's bad news for non-Sky customers as it does meant that Mad Men will be leaving the BBC after it has aired the rest of the fourth series.

The strangely-loved show will continue on Sky, with the fifth series airing some time in 2011.

Six feet under the Boardwalk

The announcement of Sky Atlantic does mean that we now have UK dates for three of the most eagerly awaited HBO shows: Game of Thrones, Treme and Boardwalk Empire.

The Scorsese produced Boardwalk Empire will land on Sky Atlantic in February, with Game of Thrones and Treme (made by the same folks as The Wire) showing in April.

Other shows to hit the channel will be Mildred Pierce and re-runs of The Sopranos, The Wire and Six Feet Under.

A UK release date for the channel is yet to be announced, but we will keep you posted as soon as Sky lets us know and there will be an HD version.

It is a busy week for Sky with the satellite service launching Sky 3D, its dedicated 3D channel.

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