Sky Mobile's new Piggybank Rewards let you spend spare data on stuff

piggybank rewards on sky mobile phone deals

Sky Mobile has announced that its customers will be able to save any spare data they don't use and cash it in to buy actual products. The network already allowed customers to save their data by rolling it over to the following month, but now you can save up the unused data in the so-called Sky Piggybank where it can also be used to spend on new gadgets and accessories.

The Piggybank Rewards can be spent on products in the shop from brands including Apple, Samsung and Sony, with phones, tablets and mobile accessories up for grabs. That runs up to a maximum of £50 off your purchase using the Piggybank.

Sky Mobile says that over 90 percent of its customers have already saved enough data in their Piggybanks to be eligible for Piggybank Rewards. Anyone with Sky Mobile can check their balance and look at their rewards via their account at

Sophia Ahmad, Director of Sky Mobile, comments "When we launched Sky Mobile, we wanted to offer the best possible deal to our customers. Automatically saving their unused data with Roll was a big part of this.

"Our customers have saved over £50 million worth of data so far, which would have been lost with other networks.  Now we’re improving Roll even more with Piggybank Rewards - turning customer’s unused data into savings on new phones, tablets and accessories."

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