Sky enters the world of ultrafast broadband deals

sky broadband deals
(Image credit: Sky)

Want to enjoy a Netflix binge while Skyping your bestie and downloading big files, all without any grumbles from the rest of the household? With the release of Sky Ultrafast Broadband, you can.

Twelve times faster than Sky’s Broadband Essential package (11Mb), its latest service guarantees minimum download speeds of 100Mb and average speeds of 145Mb. The result? Your online life could get a whole lot easier.

As internet-connected devices and smart technologies flourish, ultrafast internet from the likes of Sky and BT Broadband should provide a disruption-free broadband service to meet all your home’s needs. So there’ll be no tough choices between downloading films to watch on your HD TV, making impulsive purchases on Black Friday, or letting the kids enjoy uninterrupted online gaming.

Sky says that making this possible is G. Fast technology, only available across 2.5m properties currently, but being rolled out to a further estimated 390k every quarter.

If you’re keen on maximising your online experience, check the Sky website for further details and to see if your eligible to upgrade. It’s £39 per month for a contracted period of 18 months, with a one-off setup fee of £39.95. Given you won’t have to compromise on entertainment, it’s a good deal for hardcore gamers or tech-obsessed families.

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