Samsung's new affordable 5G phone could be coming very soon

Samsung Galaxy A51
The Samsung Galaxy A51 (Image credit: TechRadar)

The Samsung Galaxy A51 launched in December 2019, but it looks like it could be relaunched soon with the addition of 5G, which would likely make it Samsung's most affordable 5G phone.

As found by SamMobile, the Wi-Fi Alliance has certified a phone with the same identification code as we'd previously heard a 5G version of the Galaxy A51 could have – certification usually only happens a short while before a phone is unveiled, so this means we could see the Galaxy A51 5G very soon.

The Samsung Galaxy A51, a successor to 2019's popular Galaxy A50, has a big 6.5-inch FHD+ screen, four rear cameras lead by a 48MP main snapper, and a large 4,000mAh battery.

From what we've heard so far it doesn't seem the 5G variant is any different on those fronts, although apparently it has a different pattern on the back and its frame is metal, not plastic – and it has 5G connectivity, of course.

The Galaxy A series is home to some of Samsung's most affordable smartphones, so a 5G phone here would likely be a lot more affordable than those in the Galaxy S20 line. And given the numbering, the A51 5G should even be more affordable than 2019's Galaxy A90 5G.

It's unlikely that Samsung is about to claim the trophy for cheapest ever 5G phone though, because Xiaomi's recently-announced Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite likely takes the prize there.

Phone launches have been rather up in the air while the coronavirus sweeps the world, with launches canceled, postponed or held online instead of in real life, so we'll have to see what happens with the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G.

Saying that, Samsung doesn't tend to give much pomp to its A-series launches, so the first official sighting we get of this phone could be its surprise listing on the company's website.

If and when that happens, TechRadar will let you know, so stay tuned to see when Samsung's next 5G phone comes out.

Tom Bedford

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