Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 update brings even better S Pen features to the tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus owners will want to keep an eye on their device’s updates as the company is rolling out a host of new S Pen compatibility features starting in late February.  

The new functions, detailed in a Samsung blog post (opens in new tab), start with dedicated text boxes for S Pen use. Users can write in the text boxes with the S Pen to convert their handwriting into text on the screen. However, you’ll need to remember to draw a “V” shape to indicate a space, as well as a horseshoe-esque “n” to connect words together.

The new updates come as a new initiative for Samsung to increase functionality between its tablets and the S Pen stylus, offering users a more continuous and seamless experience with the device.

Expert penmanship

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 owners who frequently use Samsung Notes may also welcome the new S Pen updates with open arms. Alternatively, the updates might encourage even more people to use the app.  

The note taking app will receive Pen to Text functionality as part of the big S Pen update, allowing for a more natural way of making notes on the fly. Impressively, Pen to Text on Samsung Notes will support over 80 languages and will recognize spacing and punctuation, too.

The Samsung Notes app will also be getting another substantial update in the form of allowing the S Pen to make notes directly onto scanned documents. It’ll do this using the tablet’s rear camera.

These new additions for the S Pen in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 devices are certainly a positive step forward, and might save users hopping between apps and allow for a smoother note-taking experience. We do wonder whether these features should have been included at launch, but late is certainly better than never.

Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy Tab S8 series later this year, so it may be we see even further S Pen features included on the company’s future tablet products.

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