Samsung's 2018 TVs promise a Quantum leap for big screens

Samsung has officially unveiled its 2018 range of QLED, Ultra HD and Premium Ultra HD TVs for Australia, and there’s plenty on offer for fans of mammoth screens.

Along with Samsung’s flagship QLED range – the Q9F, Q8F, Q7F, and Q6F models – the company is also showing off a series of premium and standard UHD TVs in its NU8 and NU7 series.

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The range offers seven products that boast 75-inch or above displays, which Samsung claims is responding to the “rising demand amongst Australians for large-screen televisions”.

Quantum ambience

Naturally, Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology is making a return, promising pure colours and rich, deep blacks across its Q-range of TVs. The company is so confident in its inorganic LEDs’ ability not to cause in burn-ins that it’s offering a 10-year guarantee against the issue.

Newly introduced with the 2018 QLED range is the ambient mode. TVs with this feature can detect the colour and pattern of the wall they’re mounted on and, thanks to the burn-in avoidance, can display a static image and appear like a seamless extension of your wall.

Samsung Q7F QLED TV

Samsung's Ambient Mode blends in with its surroundings.

This ambient mode also displays information such as the time, weather and more across the back-drop, and can be set up to automatically turn on and off when someone enters or leaves the room.

You’ll be able to pick up one of Samsung’s latest TVs from April 23, and you'll find a full list of the range’s RRPs below, although the Q6F series pricing is yet to be confirmed.

Q9F Series

  • Q9F 75-inch – $10,499
  • Q9F 65-inch – $6,999

Q8F Series

  • Q8F 65-inch – $5,899
  • Q8F 55-inch – $4,099

Q7F Series

  • Q7F 75-inch – $8,199
  • Q7F 65-inch – $5,299
  • Q7F 55-inch – $3,699

Q6F Series

  • Q6F 75-inch – $TBC
  • Q7F 65-inch – $TBC
  • Q7F 55-inch – $TBC

NU8 Series

  • NU8500 65-inch – $3,699
  • NU8500 55-inch – $2,599
  • NU8000 82-inch – $7,999
  • NU8000 75-inch – $5,799
  • NU8000 65-inch – $3,599
  • NU8000 55-inch – $2,499

NU7 Series

  • NU7100 75-inch – $3,699
  • NU7100 65-inch – $2,699
  • NU7100 55-inch – $1,799
  • NU7100 49-inch – $1,499
  • NU7100 43-inch – $1,199
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